Author Topic: The US Army wants to create incorruptible quantum computer using Majorana particles  (Read 270 times)


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A research group funded by the United States Army has discovered compelling evidence of the Majorana particle, which was first hypothesized in 1937 — over 80 years ago. It was predicted that the particle would be used as a "building block" for future quantum computers. The research was done under Professor Kang Wang of UCLA, also collaborating with the research team were members of Stanford University, UC Irvine, and UC Davis.The US Army stated that Quantum computers would be a key component in creating an 'unhackable' machine, and pushing the large data capabilities further.  Quantum computers could solve problems much more quickly and efficiently than classical computers, potentially leading to significant improvement in situational awareness with the capability to process large amount of available data, a fundamental priority research area for the U.S. Army.One of the primary reasons that this particular Majorana particle has been an interest for potential quantum co...