Author Topic: It's all about AI, the future and how you can shape it today, and win a prize!  (Read 251 times)


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Long day, finished fixing bugs. Step in your flat, lie on the couch, put on the series, and get connected with robots, hackers controlling them and virtual realities.. If this is something you'll do on after a busy day in the sandbox, you might want to know that yes, the future is AI, so you're on track. Want to go a step further? Share your opinion on coding and technologies you use today to shape tomorrow. Take this 15' survey, for prizes, insights, a sci-fi character and a better future.What you can win:Win an iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, an HTC Vive Pro, a GitHub Developer Plan, an $80 Udemy voucher or one of many other amazing developer prizes!Get insights in the full developer trends report based on this survey, straight in your inboxGet your sci-fi developer profile, based on your developer choices!Breakthroughs in Machine Learning and AI are enabling machines to do more for themselves with fewer explicit instructions from the user and are supporting new ways for...