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A2Uploader + Tutorial
« on: April 12, 2009, 12:39:14 PM »
A2Uploader + Tutorial

Finally you can mod your DB3150 Phones. Thanks to laser.

Laser has released a File System Customizations to customize your A2/DB3150 phones.
DB3150 phones are k660, k850, w910, w595 etc.
All new sony ericsson phones are DB3150 !
Till now it was not possible to modify the fs/upload anything to your phone in case it was A2/DB3150 but now it is possible!

You can add flash menus, change camera driver, change acoustics, add languages and much more the same way as xs++ to A2 phones through it.

Now installing drivers.

   1. Unpack a2 uploader archive.
   2. Inside it you will find USBFlash_driversdpinst.exe ! Execute it to install USB Flash drivers in an automated process.
   3. In newer ones you will find ggsetup, use this setup files to install usb flash drivers.

Now lets get on the main part i.e. uploading stuff to fs.

   1. Run a2uploader.exe
   2. Switch off your cell phone and take out the battery and plug it back,dont switch it on back!
   3. Now come to a2 uploader. Click on FileSystem tool there at righ pannel.
   4. Now plug in the phone with C key pressed on your phone and don’t leave until the C button a2 uploader detects it.
   5. Now your FS will be opened and now u can easily upload files by drag n drop method !
   6. You can copy files form the phone to computer for backup via A2 Uploader again by drag and drop again.

Here are few of the pics for more !

Special thanks to jameslewis for providing these pics!

Directories where the appropriate files are to be uploaded:-

    * - Menu: / tpa / preset / system / menu /
    * - Drivers sound: / ifs / settings / acoustic /
    * - Drivers camera: / ifs / settings / camera /
    * - Images / Sounds Start-Up/Shut-down: / tpa / preset / system / settings /
    * - Sound System: / tpa / preset / system / sound /
    * - Sources: / tpa / preset / system / fonts /
    * - Archives (images / sounds / etc): / tpa / user /

For latest downloads i would suggest you to join our support forums SE-LifeStyle or request here whatever you need ! You can find lots of downlaod content for customizing your phones at forums like se-nse, topse, se-lifestyle etc.   

Update: A new version of A2 Uploader has been released. You can now copy files from the phone’s file system to your computer before you make changes in the phone ! The download link has been added ;) ! You can now even flash firmwares with the latest A2uploader.


A2Uploader + Tutorial
« on: April 12, 2009, 12:39:14 PM »


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